An American unhappy with the results of the election tries another solution in this mini-short. 

Released to Festival Circuit in 1/2017


Retired from film circuit in November 2018

How we view ourselves is rarely how others view us. Why do we all share the same negative thoughts? Why do we often think so poorly of ourselves when we would never treat another person the same way? 


Winner of Best Ensemble - Grove Film Festival 2017

Winner of Best Film - New York City Popup Film Festival 2018

Winner of Best Concept - Brightside Tavern Film Festival 2018

Winner of Best Short Film, Best Screenplay and Best Ensemble - SSFF Spring Shorts Film Festival 2018

Winner of Best in Festival Award for Fiction - Nassau Film Festival 2018

Winner of Princeton Tiger Award - Nassau Film Festival 2018

Winner of Best Director - Shawna Shea Memorial Film Festival 2018

MindFull was inspired by the writer's conversations with Deanna Inai - Gordon and Teresa Dalmata. 
Converted into Screenplay format by Jen Lyon with input from each actor to lend credibility to their characters of each person's point of view. 

The Light Watcher

Retired from film circuit in March 2019

The Light Watcher is a film about a family who is torn apart by an unthinkable tragedy.


Kate, a woman who seemed to have it all, struggles to understand what happened to cause her to lose everything in just a few moments.


As the town copes with the incident, Kate finds herself outcast and gravitating towards a mysterious stranger.


Now she is trapped between what was her world and an uncertain future guided by a man determined to make her remember her painful past.

When your life flashes before your eyes, what will you see?