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How to Get Into Short Film Festivals

Here is an On-Demand version of my Festival Workshop that covers what you need to know in  the basics of the Film Festival world, what Festivals you need to focus on for your film, how to avoid scam Fests and most of all, how to save money! 

I'm sharing these tips and tricks that helped me go from a Film Festival mess to a Red Carpet Success!

My first year I was accepted into 2 Festivals. The next I got into 2 more. This year I'm in 23 film festivals and counting and the year just passed the halfway mark. I'm already accepted for 3 festivals for 2019.


 For less than half the price of my Workshop and an average Festival submission, you will learn how to dramatically increase your Acceptance rate so the Laurels will be covering your posters and your calendar will be filled with Film Festival dates! 

See you on the Red Carpet! 



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