Jen Lyon-Producer

Jen has produced 12 films since May 2016 and has won 70 awards and counting. She started making short films based on 72 hour challenges with zero budgets so she knows how to make a dollar stretch and use clever alternatives to get the job done. 

With a background in corporate Project Management and the innate ability to bring a film from concept to script to post-production completion through the festival submission process, Jen will help you with any phase your project is in. Her winning method has been based on picking the best people for the job, staying true to the writer's intent, and making a story clear for the audience all while staying within the film's budget. 
Making a film can be overwhelming, you don't have to do it alone.  Either as a Consulting Producer or as a fully signed Producer, Jen can help guide your project from an idea into a success!   

Current Projects:

Berkshire Short Film Festival - Local and Global Filmmakers screening short films in the Beautiful Berkshires

Who Will Rescue the Rescuer? - First Responder/PTSD/Mental Health -examining the high rate of suicide in first responders and other mental health effects from these high stress professions. 

 Services Available:

Crew Sourcing



SAG Paperwork



Concept to Script



Film Festivals